Message from the President

Dr. Young

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the world of education in the 21st Century-especially here at Wallace Community College!

With the many technological advancements and learning opportunities in existence today, our students literally have the world at their feet! Today’s students can explore areas of interest on the Internet, practice skills in simulation, and link via satellite with instructors from anywhere in the world!

Technology has not only changed the way students learn, but it has also changed the way we teach. Students empower themselves by taking classes online, or enhancing their on-campus classes by listening to lectures and downloading course content.

The definition of the traditional student is constantly changing. Students with personal, employment, and family obligations find time to fit an education in their already busy schedules. Our students want communication at their fingertips, and we are meeting and exceeding their expectations.

I have been astonished at the rapid growth of the College’s distance learning program. With over 50 sections of on-line courses, this option allows students with employment, personal, and family obligations time to fit an education into their already busy schedules.

That’s an important aspect of Wallace Community College: the realization that our students are real people with real families and real dreams. We at Wallace Community College seek to address each student as an individual and to help him or her face the future equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet any goal. Our programs are readily adaptable to ensure that instruction is consistent with the expected standards and the ever-changing needs of business and industry.

In a world filled with frequent change, our commitment to our students and our many partners in education remains constant. We like to say that college is more than textbooks and studying, it is a time to become aware of your potential in life, your influence on others, and your place in the community. Welcome to the Wallace online community.


Dr. Linda C. Young
President – Wallace Community College