The Welding Technology program prepares students for employment in the Welding industry as plate and/or pipe welders. Certification is encouraged and performed in accordance with American Welding Society and D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code. The program includes a wide variety of welding experiences for plate and pipe welders.

Students can exit the program after two semesters with a certificate in plate welding or complete both plate and pipe welding as listed below and receive a program certificate as a combination welder.

The Welding Technology program is an Accredited Training and Education Facility (ATEF).  In addition, the Wallace and Sparks Campus sites have been designated by the American Welding Society as Accredited Testing Facilities.

“The reason some don’t recognize opportunity when they see it is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looking like hard work.”  ~Paul Larmer

Program Information

Mr. Corey Butterfield


Office: 334-983-3521 ext. 2507

Mr. Josh Stevens


Office: 334-687-3543 ext. 4223

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