Students are responsible for requesting accommodations each term. After the student submits an Application for Disability Support Services (DSS) and initially meets with the appropriate campus DSS Coordinator to discuss potential accommodations, requests for accommodations for subsequent terms should be made by email to the appropriate campus DSS Coordinator. This correspondence should take place before the start of the term.
To initially request academic accommodations, students are required to complete a series of steps, preferably prior to the beginning of each term. Registered students may request accommodations at any point during the term; however, students who do not give sufficient notice of accommodation requests are not guaranteed that optimal accommodations will be implemented (requests for interpreters must be made at least 6 weeks in advance). Students have an obligation to inform Wallace Community College in a timely manner of accommodation requests.

Student obligations regarding the initial accommodation process are as follows:

  1. Complete an Application for Disability Support Services and return with proper documentation, as outlined in the Disability and Accessibility Handbook.
  2. Meet with the campus DSS Coordinator to discuss accommodation requests.

Once the campus DSS Coordinator 1) reviews the application and supporting documentation OR 2) each subsequent semester, receives an email request from the student for the continuation of accommodations:

  1. The DSS office will email accommodation letters to the student’s faculty members at the beginning of each term (if the accommodation request occurs before the start of the term) or upon receipt of the request for accommodations (if the accommodation request comes after the start of the term).
  2. Students should notify their faculty that they are to receive accommodations and to check their email for specific details.
  3. Students should discuss with the instructor of the course how accommodations will be implemented. The DSS Coordinator will be available to offer suggestions to the student and faculty member if needed.
  4. If receiving testing accommodations, students should remind the instructor of the exam accommodation at least one week before scheduled exams.
  5. Students should report any problems with accommodation implementation to the DSS Coordinator.

Keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive. In other words, faculty members are not obligated to accommodate exams, assignments, or any course-related activity that occurred prior to being sent an accommodation letter from the DSS office.

Application for Disability Support Services (fillable)**

Application for Disability Support Services (printable)

Testing Center Policies Acknowledgement (required for students requesting testing accommodations)**

Student Information Release Authorization Form**

**Forms only accessible once student has received OneACCS login credentials from the College.