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Why Wallace?

Parents want to make sure their students will receive the best education possible. Wallace Community College is proud to say that our number one focus is Student Success! At WCC, students come first, and our commitment to excellence guarantees that students will receive individualized attention from instructors and support from their peers. Students will be surrounded by faculty and staff who will encourage and guide them through every step of their journey.

Whether your student plans to receive a Certificate, obtain an Associate’s Degree, or transfer their credits to further their education, Wallace Community College is equipped to provide them with the knowledge and skills to meet any goal.

Dual Enrollment Information

Dual Enrollment offers high school 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students the opportunity to take college-level courses while receiving high school credit for the same course. Consider it like a “two for one” deal! It is truly one of the best opportunities that students can take advantage of while in high school. Dual Enrollment is also a great way to make the transition into a successful college experience. Whether your goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree or you want to join the workforce quickly, academic transfer and career technical pathways are available for the dually enrolled student. More information for Dual Enrollment can be found here.  You can contact us with the information below.

Who Do I Contact?