Frequently Asked Questions

The emergency alert system is intended to get an emergency message distributed quicker to the growing number of people with cell phones.  Wallace Community College will always post emergency information to the Web.  We will use whatever other methods we have at our disposal to keep students, employees and others informed of emergency situations.

It costs nothing to add your contact information. If you choose to be notified via text messages, they will be delivered to your cell phone. If you use text messaging routinely, you probably have a text messaging plan, in which case no additional charges will be incurred. If you go over your monthly message allocation, or if you don’t have a package of messages per month, you will be charged by your cell phone carrier their specified amount per message.

The WCC Alert system will be tested once a semester. This test date will vary, but it will take place approximately around the second week of classes.

You may update your contact information by logging into the WCC Alert system and updating your contact information that way.

Simply delete your contact numbers from the link that will be emailed to you.

Yes. WCC Alert is a cross-carrier service.

No. WCC Alert uses industry standard SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. If you choose to receive text messages then your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

The simplest way is to have a colleague or friend try and send you a text message and in return, you send them a text message. If either does not work, you’ll want to check with your provider as to what your plan or service includes.

This service is for WCC students and employees.  However, when a person adds contact information they have the option to enter up to two contact numbers and two email addresses.  An alternate emergency contact can be added as one of the ten contacts.

No. It’s your personal information and you decide how it will be used.  Information will still be delivered to the WCC Web page. You may not, however, get the information as quickly as those who sign up for WCC Alert.  Therefore, you are encouraged to add your contact information.

We recommend that you add a SMS text contact for your cell phone.  This is the fastest way to receive a message.  If you don’t always have your cell phone with you then you can add another contact number.  An emergency contact is also a good way to keep someone else informed of emergency situations on campus.

Text messages can be received anywhere within your cell phone coverage works. Conversely, if you are out of wireless coverage or your signal is otherwise obstructed, you will not receive text alerts until you return to coverage.

The data you enter to WCC Alert belongs to Wallace Community College. None of your personal information will be sold, offered or shared in any way.  It will be kept confidential and only used for WCC Alert.

No. Wallace Community College will use this service judiciously.  We have a policy that assures the service will only be used for emergencies.  We may occasionally send a test message to test the system.

This is a classroom issue best addressed by your instructor. However, it is good cell phone etiquette to set your cell phone to vibrate to be respectful of others around you and avoid in class distractions.

You may also enter an email address to the WCC Alert system. This way, you will be made aware of any emergency that is happening at the college.

No, you will not be able to contact anyone by replying to the alert.