This page is dedicated to provide helpful information about the GovNET account at Wallace Community College – Dothan. We will update this page accordingly when new information is added about your GovNET account.

If you have any questions about the GovNET account, or any other technology questions, feel free to reach out to the WCC Technology Helpdesk.
CTC118 on the Wallace Campus
(334) 556-2464

Frequently Asked Questions

Your GovNET username is set by the College system.

First initial, last name and last four of Student #

Format is jsmith1234

Students can find their username by accessing their MyWCC account.  Once inside MyWCC, you will expand the Student Information System then select Student Information.  From here, you will click on View My Information and you will see your username as part of your Campus Email.

Default Password

  • First 3 letters in last name (first letter capitalized)
  • 2-digit birth year and student number

(i.e. for Smith born in 1996 with student number 1234567, Smi961234567)

You must change password before use.  Your password must be 10 characters or more and have uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.

You must either login to your student email from off campus or a Campus computer login screen and change password there (keep secure).

You can reset your GovNET password from both on and off campus.

  • Off-Campus – Click the Student Email link above, select “Can’t access your account?” link, enter your full College email address ( and the CAPTCHA characters, select the method you want to use to verify your identity to reset your account.
  • On-Campus – From the login screen of a campus computer click the “Reset Password” link, enter your full College email address (, select the method you want to use to verify your identity to reset your account.

If you know your password and you want to change it, you can do it on and off campus.

  • Off-Campus – Go to and type in your old password.  You will then enter your new password twice.
  • On-Campus – Click ALT-CTRL-DEL on any college computer once you are logged in, and select “Change a password.”  From here, you will enter in your old password and then your new password twice.
Password Reminder – Passwords must be 10 characters with one upper letter, one lower letter, and one number or special character.  It also can’t be part of your name.

Your GovNET email address will be used to access multiple systems.  The College will contact you using you GovNET/College email address about non-course information consisting but not limited to scholarships, upcoming events, deadlines, graduation information, etc.

  • Students: GovNET username with (Ex:

At the current time, you will use your GovNET account to log into:

  • Systems using full email address for login (Ex: for students and for employees):
    • Blackboard
    • College Email
    • College Computers
      • Students may only access computers dedicated for student use
    • WiFi on Campus (Student and Employee Networks)