Health Sciences Simulation Center

Mission Statement

While seeking to produce the most qualified graduates possible and respond to the increasing needs for healthcare workers, the College has expanded its hands-on resources to provide state-of-the-art learning with simulation. The Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC), located in Heersink Family Health Science Building, 1st floor on the Wallace Campus in Dothan, originated in 2009 with the purchase of three human patient simulators as part of a U.S. Department of Labor Community-Based Job Training Grant. Since that time and by combining external resources from several funding sources, the HSSC has expanded to contain 15 simulators. Each simulator functions in a fully equipped hospital-like cubicle, with digital recording systems to allow storage, playback, and transmission of clinical scenarios taking place in the learning environment. The HSSC is a resource available to all students and faculty within the College’s health programs. Current technology holdings include:

  • Laerdal SimMan® (3)
  • Laerdal SimMan 3G® (3)
  • Laerdal SimMom™
  • Noelle® Birthing Simulator w/Baby Hal®
  • Harvey®, The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator
  • Hal®, Dynamic Airway and Lung Compliance Simulator
  • Laerdal SimBaby®
  • Laerdal SimJunior®
  • CAE Lucina (and baby)
  • KbPort ETC™ and ETC™ Pro+ Digital Recording Systems (12)
  • MedDispense Automated Medication Dispenser
  • New med carts-SIM CartRX ™

For more information about the H.S.S.C., contact Ms. Karen Clenney, Faculty Support/Simulation Center Coordinator, at (334) 556-2365 or