What skills do I need to be a successful DE student?

The most successful dually enrolled students are self-directed and have strong communication skills and adequate reading and writing skills, are good test takers, and have the ability to understand classroom materials. They commit the appropriate amount of time to each class.

Successful Dual Enrollment Students

  • immediately ask for help
  • exhibit patience and persistence
  • show signs of maturity and responsibility
  • understand how to utilize a computer
  • complete work on time or before it is due
  • adhere to deadlines without reminders from the instructor
  • work independently without reminders from the instructor
  • exhibit self-discipline.

These are college level classes, not diluted courses for high school students and as such they require the same outside-of-class preparation and study as any other college class.  You will have to study regularly in a Dual Enrollment classes.  We want you to succeed!