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Congratulations on becoming a college student!

Dual Enrollment students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university in the state of Alabama are encouraged to consult Alabama Transfers for courses within a certain major. Students can complete the Alabama Transfers Guide and follow the prompts to receive a transfer guide for their major.

NOTE: Course selection will ultimately be derived from a process that begins with discussions between the parent, student, and HS Counselor.

Academic Transfer

A 2.5 unweighted High School GPA mandatory for academic courses (Some school districts require a 3.0 GPA for academic dual enrollment)

NOTE:  Students are responsible for sending ACT results to Wallace Community College for English and Math placement consideration.  If submitting an ACT score, an official score report is NOT required.  A screenshot from a computer (not a smart phone) is acceptable, but the student’s first and last name must be shown.

For an easy tip on getting the entire name to show on the screen shot (especially helpful with longer names) check out the ACT Screenshot Tutorial.

If a student does not have an ACT score, the student may take the Accuplacer for placement consideration.  Information about the Accuplacer can be found on our website or by contacting testing services.


A minimum 2.5 unweighted High School GPA (including EMS and Medical Assisting) is required.

Workforce Development Scholarship Funds maybe available for High-Demand/High-Wage career technical areas (strictly based on funding).  Current scholarship consideration is for above funded courses only.

Allied Health

Complete pre-requisites needed for competitive entry into the following programs:

  • Associate Degree Nursing*
  • Emergency Medical Services*
  • Licensed Practical Nursing*
  • Physical Therapy Assistant*
  • Radiologic Technology*
  • Respiratory Therapist*

*Restrictions regarding program entrance requirements and courses exist within dual enrollment.