Dual Enrollment Lingo  

Learning the lingo or what people are talking about is an important step to succeeding in college.  Too often faculty and staff assume that you know how the system works and what they mean when they are talking to you.

Don’t let terminology trip you up! Prepare yourself by understanding these commonly used college terms.

Types of Classes

A course that runs the entire semester in person and on campus.

Hybrid courses will meet on campus one day of the week and complete online classwork on the other day.  (unless otherwise specified by the instructor.)

Also known as an Online Course is a course conducted over the internet through a learning management system without set scheduled class meeting times. (Asynchronous class)

  • Online classes will have a participation assignment the first day of class to verify your attendance in the course.  Do NOT skip this!

Students will meet remotely at the regularly scheduled class time via Blackboard. Your instructor will meet with you live. (Synchronous class)

Course Definitions

Full term courses are full semester classes. A full semester course is typically 16 weeks in Fall and Spring.  A full semester in summer is only 10 weeks long.

A mini-term is a full credit condensed course that is usually a half semester in length.

Typically, 1st mini-term takes place the first of the semester and ends at mid-term.  2nd mini-term begins at mid-term and ends at the end of the term.

2nd mini-term classes will  show in your course listing in Blackboard on the first day that the class meets.  It will not show at the beginning of the semester.

A Late Start class is a course that typically begins two weeks after the beginning of the semester.  It will not show in your course listing in Blackboard until the first day that the class meets.  It will not show at the beginning of the semester.

M – Monday, T – Tuesday, W- Wednesday, R – Thursday, F- Friday

Traditional classes typically take place twice a week and will be listed as MW or TR.

Hybrid courses typically take place once a week and only one day will be shown.

Internet courses will not have any day listed.  These classes do not have scheduled meeting dates.

Virtual classes will specify one or more meeting day(s) that the student must log in to their class via the internet.

General Information

Add/Drop is the short period at the beginning of the semester (usually the first day or two) that a student may make additions or deletions from their schedule without academic or financial consequences.

Ask Dual Enrollment if you are unsure before making any changes to your schedule!

Blackboard is the Learning Management System where your classes are located (courses do not show in Backboard until the first day of class.)

Click here for an easy tutorial on accessing Blackboard

OneACCS is the student online portal that provides access to registration, payment, schedule, transcript request, and so much more!

The CRN number is the five digit course reference number that is used to register for classes and can be found in the online course schedule.

A pre-requisite is a beginning course that prepares students for a more difficult or advanced course. A student may not take the advanced course without completing the appropriate pre-requisite.