Mission Statement

Students are encouraged to contact their high school counselor to obtain a dual enrollment packet or contact the dual enrollment coordinator at Wallace Community College to begin the process.

Students will complete the required application packet and return it to their high school counselor. All items on the attached checklist must be completed in order to fulfill the admissions process.  If any items are missing from the checklist, your admissions to the College will be delayed.  The Statement of Eligibility Form requires the high school principal and school counselor’s signature; the counselor can help complete this form. The high school counselor will denote the course(es) that a student is eligible to take at Wallace College/Sparks while dual enrolled.  A copy of the current high school transcript will be included with the application for processing.   The counselor will then give the completed application to the Wallace Community College dual enrollment coordinator to process the application and get the student ready for registration.

Note:  The student is responsible for sending ACT scores for English and Math placement consideration.  If an ACT score is not available, the student should make arrangements to take the Accuplacer placement exam PRIOR to registration for courses.  To register for the Accuplacer Exam please go to Wallace Campus Accuplacer Inventory or Sparks Campus Accuplacer Inventory and select the desired date and time for testing.