Each applicant to the Medical Assisting program, whether pursuing the AAS degree or a short certificate in phlebotomy, must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a high school graduate or possess a GED certificate.

2. Meet College requirements for admission.

All first-time students are assessed in the areas of English, mathematics, and reading through administration of the ASSET® or COMPASS® and placed at the appropriate level as indicated by the assessment results. Students who are placed in developmental English, reading, and/or math by the placement exam score will be required to achieve a satisfactory grade in each developmental course taken in order to progress in the Medical Assisting program. A score 470 or above on the SAT® I mathematics, reading, and writing, or score 20 or above on ACT® English, reading, and mathematics with enrollment within three years of high school graduation may be substituted for the above assessment.

3. Medical Assisting and phlebotomy students are required to complete a physical exam prior to their practicum. The purpose of the physical exam is for evaluation of the student’s ability to perform the essential functions of the Medical Assisting program. This record is current for one year only. Any student remaining in the program for more than one (1) year must have this record updated and on file in the student’s personal folder. Wallace Community College complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990 and requests for reasonable accommodations will be considered.

Students meeting the above requirements are admitted in chronological order by date of completion of admission requirements.