Criminal Justice Club

Club Information

Campus(es): Wallace Campus in Dothan

Mission: The purpose of this club will be to coordinate activities, which will establish constructive relationships between CRJ students and members of the surrounding communities located in Alabama. In addition, the club will meet to discuss modernized advancement in the Criminal Justice Field, thereby enhancing the students overall knowledge and experience.

Criteria: Membership will be limited exclusively to the Wallace Community College students currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice program to include students attending on the Sparks Campus. The prerequisites for all present and future applicants is that he/she must be 18 years of age and maintain 2.5 GPA while enrolled in the program or have achieved a 2.5 GPA upon graduation in order to be considered for membership. The 2.5 GPA is subject to advisor approval depending on extenuating circumstances. In addition currently enrolled students at Wallace Community College who express interests in the Criminal Justice Field are encouraged to apply for membership.

Dues: $

Current Number of Members: 20

Wallace Campus President: Tierra Groomes

Wallace Campus Advisor: Jason M. Owen