Oppert Athletic Development Facility Opens - Wallace Community College

Oppert Athletic Development Facility Opens

Wallace Community College-Dothan took the first steps in July 2020 to build the future of Wallace athletics – the Coach Johnny Oppert Athletic Development Facility.  On June 29, 2021, it became a reality. The facility is the first of its kind within the Alabama Community College Conference, making it a premier recruiting tool for the baseball and softball programs to utilize.

The facility reinforces a strong commitment from Wallace Community College to prepare its students for success at the College. Named for Johnny Oppert, who started Wallace’s athletic program in 1965, it is a reminder that positive influence can even develop in a batting cage. A Wiregrass sports legend, Oppert led the very first baseball team at Wallace.

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was the guidance he provided to students. Over the years, Coach Oppert’s influence on his players grew well beyond baseball.

Oppert worked hard for his own success before becoming a coach. After college and a four-year stint playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, he returned home to coach at Wicksburg High School, eventually signing on as athletic director and head basketball coach at Wallace.

The facility is a tribute to his dedicated support of his players, many of whom attended the grand opening so they could once again shake Coach Oppert’s hand.

The 9,900 square-foot multi-purpose facility houses three separate batting cages with retractable netting that can be converted to six cages. It also has two pitching mounds. The facility is meant to be totally shared by both baseball and softball programs.


The College is sure that the Coach Johnny Oppert Athletic Development Facility will be a great assist to current and upcoming Wallace athletes.