Wallace Announces New Advising Center (QEP)

Wallace Community College announces a plan that will influence how students master their college career at the College. This fall, a new Advising Center on the Wallace Campus will open in Grimsley Hall – familiar to many students for registration, financial aid, and testing. The Sparks Campus Advising Center will be in the A Building.


Here you will find top-notch Student Success Advisors who will guide you on the path to success in your chosen field. Academic Transfer, Health Science, Career Technical – we are here to help you!

Here’s the plan for the five-year rollout:

Year 1: Begins fall of 2021 with advising for pre-health students utilizing three Student Success Advisors.

Year 2: The cohort will include freshmen for AA and AS degrees and the addition of two additional Student Success Advisors.

Year 3: Advising services to all incoming freshmen for Career Tech and the addition of two additional Student Success Advisors.

Year 4: Additional advising services to cohorts 1-3 and all health programs and students beginning fall 2024.

Year 5: ALL STUDENTS served by Advising Center. Dual Enrollment students remain with Dual Enrollment Coordinator and staff.

Sparks Campus:

Year 1 and 2: All incoming freshmen for pre-health, AA and AS Degrees.

Year 3: Cohort 1 and all incoming freshmen for Career Tech.

Year 4: Cohort 1, 2 and 3 and all Health Science Programs.