Wallace-Dothan vice president and dean named to AACC Commission on Public Relations Advocacy and Advancement

Dr. Ashli Wilkins, vice president and dean, Institutional Services and Community Development at Wallace Community College-Dothan (WCC-Dothan), has been appointed to the American Association of Community College’s (AACC) Commission on Public Relations Advocacy and Advancement.

“The College was so pleased to learn that Dr. Wilkins has been appointed to the AACC Commission on Public Relations Advocacy and Advancement,” said Dr. Linda C. Young, president of WCC-Dothan. “Dr. Wilkins works daily to advance not only the mission of our College, but also the mission of all community colleges. With direct responsibility for both the public relations and advancement functions at WCC-Dothan, she plays a key role in our messaging and in building and sustaining the relationships that support our students. Her knowledge and experience will certainly be beneficial to the Commission.”

The Commission on Public Relations Advocacy and Advancement focuses on visioning and messaging for “friend” raising; coalescing internal and external partners around marketing and public relations campaigns that garner support for two-year colleges; collaborating with philanthropic organizations and the private sector to drive investment in the nation’s community colleges; and studying emerging trends in communications.

“I am truly honored to serve on the AACC Commission on Public Relations Advocacy and Advancement. AACC is an incredible organization, and it has a rich history of bringing America’s community colleges together through conversations, initiatives, and a shared vision to meet the needs of those we serve. America’s community colleges provide high-quality educational opportunities for our constituents. We remind our WCC-Dothan students that you can get absolutely anywhere you want to go from a community college,” said Wilkins.

“Every day, I see the impact community colleges have on the lives of our students, and then the impact those students have on the lives of others in our communities. Our graduates make the world a better place each day with their knowledge, their skills, and recently, for my family, their compassion,” commented Wilkins.

Recently, Wilkins experienced firsthand the contributions that community college graduates make to others. “My precious grandmother, who was cared for in an assisted living facility, passed away just a few days before I learned of the appointment to this AACC Commission. Due to COVID-19 facility restrictions, we were not able to be with her physically during the final three months of her life. However, the nurses, most of whom were community college graduates, ensured that we had continual contact and information. They provided superb care for her, called us regularly, and they scheduled frequent visits with Grandma at the facility’s door so we could see her and speak with her via phone. When my grandmother passed away, a community college nursing graduate was holding her hand in our place.”

“It is truly an honor to advocate for and advance the mission of WCC-Dothan, community colleges, and our amazing students, and it is a privilege to help share their stories,” said Wilkins.

There are nine commissions authorized by the AACC Board. Each commission consists of 24 individuals from member institutions who are CEOs or senior administrators.

Commissions were established to provide advice to the AACC Board and staff, encourage collaboration among community college entities and organizations, provide a forum for focused conversation about the important community college issues and priorities of the day, provide for increased involvement in the Association by AACC member CEOs and other professional staff, and provide leadership opportunities for members of the AACC Board of Directors (who serve as chairs).

Wilkins’ appointment to the AACC Commission on Public Relations Advocacy and Advancement began on July 1 and will continue through June 30, 2023.