WCCD, ACOM, Troy University Students Participate in Interprofessional Education Medical Simulation - Wallace Community College

WCCD, ACOM, Troy University Students Participate in Interprofessional Education Medical Simulation

Interprofessional Day 2024

A WCCD Associate Degree Nursing student consults with ACOM medical students during an interprofessional education medical simulation held at WCCD in the Heersink Family Health Science Building’s Simulation Center.

Wallace Community College-Dothan (WCCD) hosted a day-long, joint Interprofessional Education (IPE) medical simulation session on Friday, February 9, 202

4, in the Health Sciences Simulation Center located inside the Heersink Family Health Science Building on the Wallace Campus in Dothan. This simulation is part of an ongoing series of collaborative events between WCCD nursing students, ACOM medical students, and Troy University Dothan nursing and social work students.

During the session, students from each institution worked together to care for a standardized patient, to gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities each profession has in patient care. The program is designed to underscore the value of team-based healthcare and promote collaborative teamwork and problem-solving. The role of the patient is played by trained simulated patients who work from a predetermined script during the simulation. The healthcare students work together to provide the best care and outcome for the patient. After the simulation, all participants, including the simulated patient, participate in a de-briefing which allows for feedback and learning.

“We are excited to house the Interprofessional Education between ACOM students, Wallace ADN Nursing students, Troy University Nursing students along with their Social Worker students again this year,” said Dr. Jacqueline Spivey, WCCD Division Director, Associate Degree Nursing. “This IPE offers an opportunity for the professions to come together and learn from each other while preparing them all to go into the healthcare environment and make a positive impact on healthcare outcomes in our area.”

This event hopes to improve relationships among different healthcare providers, providing insight into how they function together to provide the best care for patients. The IEP simulation takes place twice a year on the ACOM campus in the fall and on the WCCD Wallace Campus in Dothan in the spring.