WCCD Partners with Local High Schools to Provide Free Career Training - Wallace Community College

WCCD Partners with Local High Schools to Provide Free Career Training

Wallace Community College-Dothan (WCCD) has recently partnered with four Wiregrass high schools to offer free career training programs to students through the College’s Workforce Development department. These Alabama Community College System Skills for Success (S4S) courses are designed to align with the State of Alabama’s career readiness indicator requirement for graduation and provide students with an opportunity for career exploration while still in high school.

WCCD’s career training programs give local high school students the essential skills and industry-recognized certifications necessary for success in today’s competitive job market. Through this partnership, WCCD aims to equip students with practical, hands-on training that prepares them for lucrative career opportunities in high-demand industries. The courses are delivered via a hybrid model, with the initial theory and concepts offered online followed by hands-on instruction in lab settings either at the high schools or on WCCD campuses.

“We are thrilled to be able to connect our local high schools to these incredible Skills for Success courses,” said Joe Johnson, WCCD Director of Workforce Development. “By offering free career training programs, we are not only fulfilling Alabama’s career readiness requirements but also setting up students for long-term success in rewarding careers upon graduation.”

Houston County Career Academy (HCCA) has partnered with WCCD to utilize the S4S courses relating to fiber optic installation and heavy equipment operations. “Houston County School students are seizing a remarkable opportunity to acquire valuable skills through the Wallace Community College Skills for Success program,” said Tonya Holland, Career Coach at Houston County Schools. “By participating in certification courses in fiber optics, skid steer operation, and bulldozer operation, students are enhancing their employability and readiness for the workforce.”

Similarly, Dothan Tech students have benefitted from the fiber optic training offered through Wallace Community College. Ryan Richards, Workforce Coordinator at Dothan Tech, emphasized the impact of the program on students, stating, “Providing the Fiber Optic Technician/Installer training aligned with the Skills for Success initiative through Wallace Community College was an incredible opportunity for our Pre-Engineering students. So often, our teachers attempt to create every way possible to make a topic or skill come to life, and that is exactly what this training offers.”

Eufaula High School has participated in S4S training for skid steer operations and is set to expand its offerings to include fiber optic and bulldozer training. Clifton Reeves, Assistant Principal/CTE Administrator at Eufaula City Schools, commended the impact of the programs on students’ career readiness, stating, “Being able to have our students take part in the different programs has been outstanding. It has provided many of our students who didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do a clear vision now.”

Barbour County High School is scheduled to offer fiber optic and skid steer training this spring term. JaCory Haslam, Career Coach at Barbour County Schools, highlighted the significance of the training in preparing students for future career opportunities, stating, “The training through Wallace Community College is a fantastic opportunity to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce. Definitely an investment worth making.”

WCCD’s Workforce Development department is committed to providing students with access to high-quality career training programs that align with industry demands and foster long-term success. For more information about Workforce Development offerings, visit wallace.edu/wfd.