WCCD Receives $10,000 Scholarship Grant from Five Star Credit Union

Five Star Credit Union Scholarship Grant

Photo – l to r Freddie Jackson, Five Star Credit Union Foundation Board Member, Robert A. Steensma, Five Star Credit Union Foundation President, Tracy Brooks, Wallace Community College, Seth Yates, past recipient of the Five Star Scholarship, Dr. Ashli Wilkins, Wallace Community College, Vice-President and Dean, Institutional Services and Community Development, Mike Bridges, Five Star Credit Union Foundation Treasurer, Pamela Earp, Five Star Credit Union Foundation Board Member.

The Five Star Credit Union Foundation is making its first scholarship grants to help students pay for college for the 2022-2023 school year. The Five Star Credit Union Foundation awarded Wallace Community College in Dothan $10,000 for incoming freshmen. Providing scholarships is one of the main ways the Five Star Credit Union Foundation removes the financial barrier to college for students in the Wiregrass.

“Our purpose at Five Star is to brighten the financial future of the communities we serve,” said Robert A. Steensma, president of the Five Star Credit Union Foundation. “By helping as many students as possible attend college, it sets a foundation for the rest of their lives. We want to not only remove barriers for our members to gain access to financial services, but we also want to remove barriers to help our communities prosper and gain the skills they need to be successful.”

Five Star Credit Union has sponsored a single scholarship over the past four years at Wallace Community College. The $10,000 grant will enable four students to be able to attend college tuition-free this upcoming school year. The grant goes into the Wallace Community College scholarship system. The recipients of the scholarship will be chosen by Wallace Community College.

“The College is incredibly grateful to Five Star Credit Union Foundation for its generous donation,” said Dr. Linda C. Young, president, Wallace Community College. “This investment will provide scholarship assistance for students as they earn a degree which, in turn, will make a major impact on their quality of life and on their family’s quality of life.  Without strong community and business partnerships like Five Star Credit Union Foundation, the Wallace Community College Foundation would not be able to support students during their educational journey and assist them to achieve academic success and career training.”