Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Learning Resources Centers System is to provide a variety of services to support the educational programs and to respond to the needs and interests of students with diverse abilities and backgrounds. This mission is consistent with the College mission.

The purpose of the LRC System is to provide a unified program of information resources and services in support of the stated goals and objectives of Wallace Community College and to support instruction and learning in a manner consistent with the philosophy and curriculum of the College. The Learning Resources Centers System is guided by the principles of the Library Bill of Rights in the development of its programs of services.

LRC Goals

To facilitate learning and community service by providing professional guidance, services, resources, and facilities that encourage and stimulate individualization of instruction, independent study, and effective use of resources by students, faculty and the community.

To involve the faculty with the LRC professional staff in collection development and in an advisory capacity regarding other LRC services.

To provide an organized, current collection of print and non-print resources that will meet institutional and instructional requirements as well as the individual needs of students.

To provide and expand access to electronic information by incorporating technological advances into learning resources operations.

To create an environment in which resources are made readily accessible through the provision of appropriate and adequate facilities, furnishings, equipment and supplies, information technology, and audiovisual resources that support the educational programs and staff.

To provide services and resources through interlibrary loan and by coordinating and cooperating with other institutions and agencies in the development of area, regional, and state networks for the purpose of enhancing the services and resources in the LRC.

To continually evaluate LRC policies, procedures, services, and the collection and to use results of those evaluations to make improvements in meeting the needs of users and supporting the programs and objectives of the College.


Please click here for Terms of Use for Community Patrons

The facilities of the LRC System are provided primarily for the use of the students, faculty, and staff of the College. Other persons from the community may use the facilities and its resources on a limited basis, provided that they do not interfere with College activities (please consult Terms of Use for Community Patrons for details). Faculty and staff may make arrangements for use of LRC resources upon request. The LRCs are closed between terms and resume operation when classes start. LRC hours are posted at each location.


The College adheres to the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) which governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Copies or reproductions are not to be “used for” any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.” If these copies are used in excess of the “fair use” law, the user may be liable for infringement.

ADA Statement

The LRC adheres to and complies with the College policies statement on ADA, other Civil Rights, and Title IX. The LRC Staff makes every effort to ensure that the resources are accessible to a broad range of people with mobility, sensory, and learning disabilities.

Computers and Information Technology Policy

  • The LRC System houses computers and other information technologies for the use of faculty and staff members as well as students in support of the College curriculum. Users will observe the following terms:
  • Many LRC resources are now available in electronic formats. These databases are licensed for the use of Wallace Community College students and faculty and staff members. Use of selected resources by visitors is permitted, but they are asked to respect the need to give students and faculty members of the College the highest priority of access through public-use computers.
  • Only approved College computer software may be used on the computers.
  • Use of the computers by groups will be scheduled by the LRC staff as needed for instruction.
  • LRC computers and information technology resources are available to students, faculty and staff members, and other patrons during open hours except when classes are scheduled.
  • Internet databases are available under specific guidelines, such as limited time usage, no pornography, no changing of computer settings, and only curriculum-related chatting.
  • Computer lab and LRC resource privileges may be suspended because of inappropriate behavior.
  • The LRC System adheres to the Information Technology Resources Accepted Use Policy, which is published in the Wallace Community College Catalog and Student Handbook.