Recommended Minimum Technology Requirements

Laptop or Desktop Computer

You will need a computer or mobile device and access to the Internet. Most late-model computers (three years old or newer) have adequate processing capabilities for online courses. A laptop with wireless capability provides maximum flexibility for accessing courses when on or off campus.


  • PC (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Mac (Apple Mac)
  • Recommend 3 years old or newer

Operating System

  • Windows 8, or higher
  • Mac OS 10.15 or higher


  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • 8 GB RAM Minimum / 16 GB RAM Preferred
  • 80 GB (20 GB free) hard drive

Stable Internet Connection

  • Cable or DSL connection is necessary for an optimal experience
  • Internet access speed needs to be adequate to support applications that use video, such as TEAMS and ProctorU(e-proctoring).
  • Mobile Hotspots not recommended as only internet option, but may be used for less-intensive applications.
    • Mobile hotspots are not sufficient for remotely proctored testing

Web Browsers

Integration Software

The following cannot be used for remotely proctored exams:

  • Chromebooks
  • HP Streams
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets (iPad, Windows Tablet, etc.)

*Note: Individual classes may have additional requirements or restrictions beyond those identified here. Examples include software and plugins associated with publisher resources.

Technologies NOT Supported

Operating System

  • Linux
  • Virtual Machines
  • Windows 10 S mode


  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

Internet Connection

  • Dial-up Internet Connections
  • Mobile hotspots are not sufficient for remotely proctored exams

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